How #AmazonCart works: the new e-commerce service from Amazon and Twitter

Two Internet colossals have joined forces to make online acquisitions easier. The name is #AmazonCart and it is the newest offer in the e-commerce sector that has been created by Amazon and Twitter. It takes three simple steps to start using it: for those who have a Twitter account all it takes is a respond with… Read more »

di Martina Pennisi

Vincenzo Di Nicola: “I came back in Italy to make you believe in yourselves”

The last time we spoke together was 11 December 2013: he had just sold his technology and team to Amazon, while his startup was bought by DoubleBeam. It was quite a success for the 33-year-old Italian, Vincenzo Di Nicola, from GoPago. Today, he was a guest at the Make in Italy event by Working Capital… Read more »

di Martina Pennisi