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Makers revolutionize the world

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3D Printed Hat and Other Things You Can Find at “NYC Makers: The Mad Biennial” [GALLERY]

Tech is also fun and art in New York. If you don’t believe it, go and visit NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial, the exhibition that opened on July 1st at the Museum of Arts and Design (going on until October 12, 2 Columbus Circle, NYC). You can see the work of 100 makers, artisans, artists,… Read more »

di Maria Teresa Cometto
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Makers revolutionize the world

In Florence we visit the Kentstrapper laboratory, where the Cantini family manufactures 3D printers. What comes to a father’s mind when his sons starts talking about 3D printers, this new thing that was out of the italian market? “We jumped on the car and we ran to get a non-working 3D printer, and we started… Read more »

di Alice Lizza