«You need three things to change schools: passion, passion, passion». The words of Salvatore Giuliano

Salvatore Giuliano’s recipe for innovating Italian schools is simple and needs just one ingredient: passion, passion, and more passion. We would have expected something much more technological from the creator of the Book in Progress initiative but, instead, he claims the only element that is necessary is passion. And, as a condiment, it is also necessary… Read more »

di Giulia Lotti

Altomare: « Schools are suffering but these 10 are a glimpse of the future»

Everyone, from teenagers to adults, is talking it about and it is being continually thrown in the middle of political games, it is an institution that conciliates the past, present, and future. What is it? The school, of course – an indispensable tool that accompanies young people throughout their long path to adulthood.

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